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Photography to me is all about Feelings....


Most important it’s about the way you feel on your special day and capturing the emotions shared between you & your partner. It’s about your friends and family watching you and sharing in your happiness and enjoyment! About the whole experience and the emotions it evokes within you, you should feel happy and at ease sharing these moments with your photographer.


I will make you feel that I understand you and your day and will give you the confidence to allow me to share this with you.


... Finally its about how you feel the next time you look at your images, how you feel every time you look at those memories, that they were captured exactly as you remember them! Your wedding photographs will remain one of the few lasting and enduring keep sakes from your day and I want to make the day as memorable in 50 years time as it is when you see your photographs for the first time.


I believe that to be asked to capture your wedding day is one of the biggest honour’s and a real privilege, not something that should ever be taken for granted or without care and respect.


I hope you enjoy my website and hope to hear from you soon.

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