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The Cube

Introducing THE CUBE, the new and unique way to capture your family portraits! My bespoke cube has been created so that there is space for the whole family to climb inside and have some fun. It allows you to pose in a variety of unusual positions and can really show off your family’s personality. These sessions are so much fun and are perfect for capturing those special family moments!


I shoot each person posing in various positions, then I’ll do some group shoots and hopefully get a few photos of everyone in the Cube.


Come in your pyjamas, fancy dress or jeans and a t-shirt but bright colours work best!


After the shoot I’ll edit the images and upload them to the Online Gallery allowing you to pick the images and choose which design you’d like. There are endless variations of designs available for you to create a very personal family picture.

Creation 2.jpg
Move It Cube Creation.jpg
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